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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 21, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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wheel. >> that will do it for us. >> thanks so much for joining us. bye, bye. tonight, joe's out. the vice president, that walk with his wife jill after their very private mourning, the loss of their son. biden now revealing why he won't run. hillary clinton's phone call to biden, and donald trump on why he'd rather take on clinton. the manhunt at this hour for the other driver, after a 4-year-old is shot and killed in her car. the father picking up his children from school. the alleged road rage. authorities say the other driver opening fire. the radio calls revealed tonight. the police officer shot in the line of duty in new york city. the officer's partner and the desperate call for help. the debate tonight over whether respected coach rick pitino should go, after women came forward, describing what they say happened with recruits. and, the safety recall one mother says she did not get until it was too late. her car plummeting off the road, 300 feet down.
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she was left there for days. good evening. and we begin tonight with major developments in the race for 2016. after weeks of speculation, vice president joe biden revealing he will not run for president. this immediately shifts the race. how the poll numbers now change in a moment here. the vice president walking out with his wife, dr. jill biden, who had said before she would support him if he decided to run. as the entire family mourned the recent death of their son, beau biden. today, the vice president revealing there are now more smiles than tears, but then adding, the window has closed. tonight, what we've learned about hillary clinton's phone call to biden. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl leading us off. >> reporter: with his wife and his boss at his side, joe biden walked into the rose garden, the final steps on a painful journey. he and his family were finally prepared to run, but he concluded, the window has simply closed.
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>> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> reporter: biden's friends say he had desperately wanted to run for president -- he had even talked to supporters about launching a campaign -- but always hanging over his decision was the grief surrounding the death earlier this year of his son, beau. you could see biden still struggling with the loss in an interview last month with stephen colbert. >> but i find myself -- you understand it, i -- just sometimes, it just sort of overwhelms you. >> reporter: today in the rose garden, with virtually all of the president's and vice president's senior advisers looking on, biden said his family is now in a better place. >> sooner, rather than later, when you think of your loved one, it brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes. well, that's where the bidens are today, thank god. >> reporter: in fact, much of
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biden's announcement sounded like a campaign speech, including two clear messages to hillary clinton. one on what she said in last week's debate, when asked to name her favorite enemies. >> well, in addition to the nra, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the iranians, probably the republicans. >> i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemies. they are our opposition. they are not our enemies. and for the sake of the country, we have to work together. >> a big day there at the white house. and jon karl with us live. jon, you know the numbers. joe biden's decision immediately impacting the race. let's show everyone at home. the most recent abc news poll showing in a three-way race, clinton gets 54%, bernie sanders 23%, joe biden 16%. but with biden out of the race, you see there, clinton's numbers jump ten points to 64%. and jon, we all learned of that phone call today from hillary clinton to the vice president? >> reporter: that's right.
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hillary clinton called biden not long after he walked out of the rose garden and then she put out a statement saying, "if i know joe, he will always be on the front lines and always fighting for all of us." and also, if you know hillary clinton, you know that she would like to see a joe biden endorsement and soon. and see joe biden fighting for her. >> all right, well, we'll see about that. in the meantime, jon, stay with us. because republicans are now reacting to biden's announcement, too. front-runner donald trump tonight tweeting, "biden made the right decision," adding he'd rather run against hill little clinton because of her record. and new numbers tonight prompting "the washington post" to ask, is it time to concede that donald trump is likely to win the nomination? and here they are. the new abc news/"washington post" poll numbers showing 42% of republicans now say they expect trump to be the eventual nominee. 43% say he has the best chance of winning the general election. their top pick for strongest leader. they also say he's best on immigration, and the republican who understands them best.
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some very strong polling for trump tonight. so, jon, here's the question. the republican party, when they see these numbers, do they think this could eventually be donald trump versus hillary clinton? >> reporter: well, republican leaders in this town have been in denial for a long time, saying trump cannot win the nomination. you no longer hear that said with confidence. they are starting to come to terms with the fact that he may be their nominee, david. he has been the front-runner for three solid months. this is no longer a flash in the pan. >> all right, jon karl with us tonight. and jon, thank you. and to one other major headline from washington at this hour. congressman paul ryan saying he will consider running for speaker of the house, but with significant warnings to his fellow republicans. reportedly telling some of them, "i am willing to take arrows in the chest, but not in the back." with republicans in congress in disarray, the clock is now ticking. abc's david wright on what else ryan said. >> reporter: on capitol hill today, commotion and confusion -- >> all right. oh, they locked us in.
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>> reporter: -- as congressman paul ryan faced the first major arm-wrestling match of his possible speakership. >> i consider to do this with reluctance. if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. >> reporter: last night, he set down clear ground rules. first and foremost, unity among his fellow republicans. >> but we need to do this as a team. and it needs to include fixes that ensure we do not experience constant leadership challenges and crises. >> reporter: he also sought to set limits up front in his own work/life balance. >> i cannot and i will not give up my family time. >> reporter: those demands don't sit well with some vocal conservatives. >> if i knew it was a paul ryan rally for speaker of the house, i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: this afternoon, ryan met with the so-called freedom caucus, tea party members who bedevilled speaker john boehner. what do you think of the conditions that he laid down? >> i think he doesn't want the job. >> reporter: one of the freedom caucus leaders told me they're perfectly fine holding out for a leader who will listen more to them.
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>> we are going to find a speaker and we are going to find a good speaker. it might be paul ryan. it might be somebody else. >> reporter: so, this is now a test of wills. at this point, ryan probably has the votes he needs to get the speaker's job, even without the freedom caucus. the question is, does he want the job without their full pledge of support? he's now setting a friday deadline. david? >> david wright live on capitol hill tonight. thank you. and we move now to the other news this wednesday night. and we have breaking news from that manhunt. a deadly case of road rage and we have just learned a person of interest is now in custody. two drivers reportedly cutting one another off down a stretch of highway. one of them, a father who had just picked his children up from school. the other driver then reportedly shooting. you can see the bullet hole there in the window. a 4-year-old girl was killed. abc's ryan owens is on the scene tonight. >> reporter: she is the face of the most heartbreaking case of road rage anyone can remember. and tonight, word of a possible break in her murder.
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>> there's an adult holding -- it looks like an unresponsive child. >> reporter: they also just released this 911 call of a motorist who saw what happened to 4-year-old lilly garcia. her father just picked her up from her second day of school on tuesday. she and her 7-year-old brother isaac riding in the back of this pickup when lilly was shot in the head. >> i cannot imagine being the father of little lilly. >> reporter: albuquerque police say lilly's father and another driver kept cutting each other off as they were approaching an exit on interstate 40. police say the other driver pulled up next to the family and opened fire. detectives have been looking for a white or hispanic man in his mid 20s to early 30s. last seen driving a dark red toyota sedan with a spoiler and tinted windows. the police chief is still begging witnesses to come forward. so is lilly's mom, in this anguished statement -- "i need to catch the individual who took my baby from me." albuquerque's mayor, the city council and the fbi tonight are offering a $25,000 reward.
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this city coming together to catch a child killer. david? >> ryan owens tonight. ryan, thank you. we turn now to the new york city police officer shot and killed in the line of duty, and the stunning new tapes. the radio calls after gunshots rang out. the young cop, a third generation police officer, killed. the fourth nypd officer murdered in 11 months. abc's linsey davis tonight. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: gunshots and grief captured on police radio. >> 10-4, i got a cop down! >> reporter: playing out in real time, a police chase and shootout that claims the life of new york police officer randolph holder. his partner breathless and in distress. >> my partner is down! >> reporter: it started out as a gunfight between rival gangs tuesday night. >> we heard a bunch of gunshots. it was pretty chaotic. >> reporter: the suspects fled, one of them reportedly stealing a bike at gunpoint. holder spots the suspect, tyrone howard. and then, an exchange of gunfire. >> a recovered firearm with blood on it and a bicycle.
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>> reporter: holder suffers a fatal bullet in the forehead. >> four police officers murdered in 11 months. that's about as bad as it gets. >> reporter: as his body left the hospital, dozens of officers silently saluted holder, a third generation police officer. >> he should have been closing on a house in the next month. all of those dreams are down the drain. >> reporter: police say the suspect was a career criminal. previously convicted of a drug charge and released from jail early. and after a recent drug bust, a judge opted to put him in rehab instead of behind bars. david? >> linsey davis with us tonight. linsey, thanks. we turn now to college basketball coach rick pitino. his team engulfed in scandal tonight. allegations of college players wooed by dancers and escorts. and tonight, the question -- what did the coach know, if anything? abc's ryan smith with what pitino is saying now. >> reporter: tonight, louisville coach rick pitino under fire after bombshell allegations this
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former assistant coach, andre mcgee, hired dancers and other women to woo recruits. >> i don't think that louisville, moving forward, can have rick pitino as their head coach. >> reporter: questions of what pitino knew of the scandal, and when, after this woman, self-described madam katina powell told espn's "outside the lines," that she and several other women participated in sex acts with recruits, team members and even some of their fathers. >> four years, a boatload of recruits, a boatload of dancers, loud music, alcohol. how could rick not know? >> reporter: powell saying she was paid thousands of dollars by mcgee to organize nearly 22 parties during a four-year period. two of her own daughters claiming they, too, participated in sex acts with team members for money. >> and we went in another room and we had sex. >> and i did it, i got paid, like, 100, maybe a little more. >> reporter: the hall of fame coach maintaining he knew nothing of powell's claims, now pleading with mcgee to come clean. "there's only one person who knows the truth, and he needs to come out and tell the truth."
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powell admits she never met pitino and doesn't know if he knew about the parties. the university, the ncaa and local authorities are conducts investigations and louisville and mcgee are declining comment. david? >> ryan, thank you. we turn now to the severe weather slamming the southwest tonight. hail, high winds, thunderstorms, up to ten inches of rain expected in parts of texas in the coming days. look at this. new images this evening from el paso. hail falling, but the rainbow there in the background. and in las cruces, new mexico, what looks like snow in this family's backyard, but that, again, is hail. and the street, of course, flooded. let's get right to rob tonight, because there are real flooding dangers. >> reporter: yeah, worried about flooding in texas, an area that can actually use the rain, but what's coming could be too much at one time. three areas of moisture coming in. a tropical storm that's probably going to be a hurricane, a storm from the west and some waves of moisture from the gulf of mexico going to converge on texas. so, we've got flash flood watches up for much of texas and much of oklahoma city, as well. could see six to ten-plus
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inches. this is an area that saw terrible flooding this past spring. it's been feast or famine. looks like they're going to get more rain and flooding issues in the next few days. >> tracking this right through "gma." rob, thank you. in the meantime tonight, we move on here, to a very rare look inside one of the most oppressed regimes in the world. tens of thousands risking their lives to escape the southeast asian nation of myanmar. many stranded on boats for several weeks this summer. our cameras showing the lives of men, women and children of a minority group forced to live in oppressive camps, described as outdoor prisons. amnesty international just today warning the situation is about to worsen. and so tonight, abc's bob woodruff makes his way to a place most journalists are forbidden to go. >> reporter: we're on our way into a highly repressive area of myanmar to see first-hand what is happening with the rohingya minority. a population of over 1 million people, desperate and on the move. willing to risk death and slavery to escape. journalists are almost never allowed in this area. matt smith, an activist and
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founder of fortify rights, is taking us in. not an easy trip to get. >> it's so bad here, the best option is to force death, torture or other abuses at sea and in thailand, just to escape. >> reporter: this has been called the world's largest outdoor prison, home to over 140,000 rohingya. they cannot leave the camps to attend school, work or seek medical care. children born in the camps are not issued birth certificates. >> they are surviving on very little. very little. >> reporter: we met a young mother of five. she and her children were stranded on a cargo boat for 50 days over the summer. your children were beaten by these traffickers? "yes," she said. "if they cried for rice or water, they were hit." trafficking is a big business here. if i wanted to be trafficked out of here, how much would it cost? how much would i have to pay?
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he said it would cost me about 2,000 u.s. dollars. here in the camps, the rohingya children tell me they want to go home. but for now, they must stay in the camps, enjoying what they can. once the rain stops, thousands of men, women and children will take to the water again, willing to risk it all for a chance at a better life. bob woodruff, abc news, myanmar. >> an extraordinary portrait we rarely see and you can see bob's full report tonight on "nightline." in the meantime, back here at home tonight, the cia chief's stolen e-mails reportedly showing up online. wikileaks today posting what appears to be unclassified documents, allegedly taken from a personal account cia director john brennan used years ago. the material reportedly includes a security clearance application containing personal information. the documents accessed by an alleged hacker claiming to be a high school student. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the safety recall one mother says she did not get about her
5:46 pm
car until it was too late. trapped in her car for days after plunging 300 feet down a ravine. you'll hear from her and what that recall was for. also, the new medical headline. the diet tonight that can reportedly help your brain from shrinking. and the important study about cheese and our addiction to it. and the trick or treaters are coming. and apparently so is an asteroid this halloween. so, how close will it get to earth? we'll be right back.
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more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gavisconĀ®. we're going to turn next tonight to the auto recall one mother of four says she did not receive until it was too late. abc's gio benitez on the horrific accident. >> reporter: tonight, 45-year-old kristin hopkins, who survived six days trapped in her wrecked car and ultimately lost her legs below the knees, is taking on automotive giant gm, claiming the 2014 accident was the company's fault. >> i woke up on the roof of my car because it was upside down.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: her 2009 chevy malibu plummeting 300 feet from this colorado road. the single mother of four writing on an umbrella, "need doctor, hurt and bleeding." how do you survive that? >> the sheer will to live. hoping to see my kids again. >> reporter: her lawsuit just filed alleges that the power steering and electronic stability control failed. >> we think that had these failures not occurred, then this crash wouldn't have happened. >> reporter: in fact, gm has issued safety recalls for the same problems she alleges she had with the 2009 malibu, but she says, she got her first recall letter from gm nearly three months after her accident. the second, just weeks ago. what is your message now to gm? >> basically, why did this happen? >> reporter: and just tonight, gm tells us they're taking this very seriously. but they want to look at that car to see what happened and why, david. >> all right, gio benitez with us tonight. gio, thank you. and when we come back here,
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so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. finally tonight here, the oscar goes to -- well, the show at least goes to chris rock. here's abc's ron claiborne. >> chris rock! >> reporter: that was ten years ago. tonight, chris rock tweeting, "look who's back. #oscars." >> like clint eastwood's a star. that's a star, okay? tobey maguire is just a boy in tights, okay? >> reporter: rock is still best known for his edgy, high velocity standup comedy, often about race. >> black movies don't have real names. you get names like "barbershop." that's not a name. that's just a location.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: chris rock first hit it big in the early 1990s on "saturday night live." >> here comes nat. >> reporter: he's now 50 years old. so, has he mellowed? >> next year they're going to give out oscars in the parking lot. be like a drive through oscar lane. gets you an oscar and a mcflurry and keep it moving. >> reporter: probably not. we'll find out in february. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> and we thank you for watching here on a wednesday night. i'm david muir. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow. until then, have a good evening. good night. here tomorrow. until then, have a goo
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deadly crash of a marine fighter jet. >> the pilot is from san mateo county. >> it happened at arroyo air force base northwest of london. the jet was traveling back to the states from the persian gulf. the other five diverted to a nearby base. >> this is video in just a short time ago, showing the crash scene outside of london. the f 18 went off shortly after takeoff. he did not survive. he was stationed at marine corps
6:00 pm
air station miramar and indicates he attended usf and had a young child with his girlfriend. there are reports of a group of pilots returning from fighting isis in syria. his jet was assigned to the oldest and most decorated squadron in the marine corps. police have taken four people into custody following a lengthy search this afternoon at a san francisco construction site. sky 7 hd was over 280 near mariposa street. a s.w.a.t. team convassed the site. they were assisted by san francisco police, and the patrol. a different search in san francisco, looking for a chemical that might be endangering pets. >> we don't need to be putting children and dogs at risk. >> this woma


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